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Char-Lynn 101-1054

14.1 CID
243 RPM
15 GPM

Char-Lynn 101-1054


  • Spool Valve Motor

  • Cast Iron Material

  • 1/2-14 Prort Size

  • NPTF Port

  • 4 Bolt Mount


  • Small but powerful, Eaton spool valve motors have the perfect combination of features for a variety of demanding applications, from harvesting equipment to food processing plants. With hydrodynamic journal bearings optimized for long life, these spool valve motors distribute pressurized fluid via integrated valve slots into the Gerotor or Geroler® orbit gear set. This results in a spool valve section that can be optimized for low-flow low-speed requirements, keeping equipment performing smoothly.


  • Agricultural augers, Harvesters, Seeders, Industrial sweepers and floor polishers


  • Compact yet powerful

  • Extended bearing life

  • Increased shaft seal

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