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Heat Exchangers


Rose Marine stocks the SEAKAMP brand line of oil coolers. SEAKAMP ENGINEERING builds the finest quality, dependable coolers at the most reasonable prices in the industry for the following applications:

  • Engine Oil

  • Transmission Oil

  • Hydraulic oil

  • Water Heaters/Coolers

  • Most Fluid to Fluid applications

Construction Features

  • All Seamless Tubing

  • Top quality copper and brass

  • End caps formed from heavy gauge copper


  • Four styles of supporting mounts

  • Zinc anode and ground lug

  • High pressure ratings to 375 P.S.I.

  • 90/10 copper-nickel core tubes

Cooler with zincs and hose ends

Cooler with zincs and N.P.T. ends

Demountable Keel Cooler

For Steel Hulled Vessels only:

  • Efficient 90/10 Copper –Nickel Spiral Tubes

  • Replaceable Components extend service life

  • Expandable Cooling Capacity


For more info on re-mountable cooler, click here

For a size chart click here

DuraCooler Keel Cooler

  • Streamlined Head design for improved efficiency

  • One piece 90/10Copper/nickel Construction

  • Superior Heat transfer

  • Available in Flange-mount or Through hull designs


For more info on DuraCooler, click here


DuraCooler SuprStak with TurboTunnel Design is a completely redesigned double-stacked DuraCooler.

SuprStak is engineered to "jet" turbulent seawater in a tunnel-like configuration between its top tubes and lower tube assemblies. It is the latest in engineered cooler technology that greatly enhances heat transfer in half the hull space. There is nothing else like it on the market.

For more info on DuraCooler SuprStak, click here

*Products Displayed for Informational Purposes*
**If Not Currently In Stock Products Displayed Can Be Ordered Subject To Vendors Supply **
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