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Thank YOU!

Hello to all!

We really wanted to take a minute and thank EVERYONE who’s followed the Rose’s IG page, Liked the Rose’s FB page and continues to interact with us on Social Media! The outpouring of support has been incredible and people really seem to like the content. Also, big shout out to people who have liked, visited or participated in the forums and blogs on our New Roses Website. If you haven’t visited the new site, it’s really got some cool features that we’ve put together and we’re making it more interactive and user friendly everyday. Check out the “Ask a Parts Guy” live link that’s open from 7am-5pm that allows you to connect with a Roses Parts clerk from your phone or computer! Also check out the new Roses Digital Catalog that allows you to check out our parts catalog, send in a quick quote form and we get back to you with the pricing and availability of those parts. Again, all from your phone or computer at home! Please continue to check back on our Rose’s IG, FB and website at www.roses where we have some really exciting things planned and that we’re putting together for the future. You won’t want to miss out! Thanks again- The Rose’s Marine Web & Social Media Team ⚓️🦞⚓️.


SINCE 1964 🇺🇸

375 Main St

Gloucester Ma. 01930


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