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Archie MacLeod

Parts Clerk/Social Media Specialist

  Archie was born & raised in Gloucester and spent almost 23 years in the Party Boat and Commercial Fishing Industry. Dragging, Longlining & Lobstering out of Gloucester, MA; Portland, ME; & in Key West, FL as a deckhand, deck boss, vessel engineer and vessel operator. Additionally he has completed a total of 24 East Coast vessel deliveries from Gloucester, MA to Key West, FL.

     He left Commercial Fishing in 2017 and has spent 7 yrs on the “beach” as a Heavy Equipment Operator holding a Mass. Hoisting Engineer License with 1B/2A/3A endorsements, specializing in Marine Heavy Equipment Operations and Commercial Property Snow/Ice removal & Winter Site Management.

     Archie brings a unique skillset to Rose's that combines his commercial fishing & gear experience, customer service background along with years of vessel maintenance & repair. 

Favorite Sirius XM Station:

Pearl Jam Radio - Pearl Jam hits, live tracks & more

Channel 22

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